George Floyd and the demand for justice

George Floyd's death protest

George Floyd, an African American man who died in police action in the state of Minnesota recently has sparked several riots across the USA with people coming off of their homes to return the breath to their fellow citizens. These protests soon turned violent. A protest which could have been a milestone to end the racism was once again hijacked by ideological extremists and black supremacists and turned into a riot. The protestors who were protesting for the cause of justice were termed rioters and mob.

George Floyd’s Death and Riots

These rioters looted malls and shops, burned buildings and caused the mass scale damage to the city of Minneapolis.  Many “Actors cum Activists” took to their tweets and Instagram posts to show their support to the rioters. A trend of #Blacklivesmatter was seen on Twitter. While there is no denying in the fact that the lives of every living being, be it human or animal matters, the actors although were not seen showing any want to ask the rioters to stop the riots.

When irony heard that the rioters who killed 7 people are demanding justice for 1 life, she hanged herself and was later found dead by the Lucifer Morningstar, son of God. In a recent tweet, President Trump clearly said that this is not how George Floyd would want himself to be remembered, “A man who caused 7 deaths even after his death”. While it is important that discrimination based on race, caste, religion, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation, disability or natural gifts must be stopped, one cannot resort to violence as it gives people in power to justify their brutality on the protestors. 

“I cannot breathe”, the words are same which were said by Eric Garner in 2014 when he was caught by the police and George Floyd repeated those words. The protestors are seen holding placards with “I cannot breathe” written on it. It signifies the death of Floyd and also the oppression faced by the black or racial minorities of the United States of America due to continuous harassment by the Police personnel.

George Floyd’s death and Politics

The timing of this level of violent protest also raises questions if this is actually about the justice or is simply a protest hijacked by the radical left to gain voters in the upcoming election by supporting a cause and gaining sympathy. There have been various examples of political protests which ended as soon as the elections were over, like the protests to save the Arey Forest in Mumbai and the Shaheen Bagh protest in New Delhi, both of them died down as if they never existed after the elections in the respective states were over.

The awkward similarity in these events is severely disturbing. All these protests were for a “cause” which were never symbolized in the way they protested. The protestors turned violent and in case of the Shaheen Bagh, while in the USA, vicious riots of high intensity took place. Several high profile people joined these protests and the violence still continued. No facts were checked and it seemed as though the only cause for the joining was mob call or peer pressure. Most of the protestors did not know the reason behind the protests, which led to dilution of the very cause. People in both the cases thought that they were fighting for a bigger cause, while they were merely pawns in the big game of politics.

It shall also be noted that this protest is being organised in a time when the USA is the most severely hit country from the ongoing pandemic. While a month ago, the same people who were calling the protestors peaceful and were only standing outside and demanding for the state to be opened for business, today they rioting cried, leading the nation to its worst. 

The autopsy report on the death of George Floyd states that The Hennepin County Medical Examiner (ME) conducted the autopsy, which stated that asphyxia was not the cause of death. Floyd had underlying health issues including hypertensive heart disease and coronary artery disease. Both diseases combined with being restrained by the police, plus any potential intoxicants may have contributed to his death.

While it is necessary that justice is served, it shall be noted the political interference into such riots has time and again damaged the soul cause behind the protests and justice is then thrown under the rag, trebling sounds of only one side instead of both. 

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