“Pinjra Tod” - Everything one should know about this group

Pinjra Tod "Activists"
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“Pinjra Tod”, the group which has been controversy’s favourite child for years, has once again caught eyes, following the arrest of the Devangana Kalita and Natasha Narwal by the Delhi police. The group has been known to organise protests in anti-social ways by disturbing the surrounding. One such protest was done in the area of Greater Kailash against the rising rents of PG accomodations. In some videos doing rounds on social media, some members of the group were also found threatening the college staff. 

The group advocates that the Universities which are authorities defined under the Article 13 of Indian Constitution, shall allow the women to be out late at night if they are allowing the men with the same, as this amounts to gender discrimination by the institutions. While the earlier stated facts are true, Article 15(3) authorizes the state (in this case the Universities), to make different laws for men and women. The demand is although not against the moral fabric of the Indian Constitution but the rebel group cannot force the universities to heed to their demands. 

The following are some of their key demands:

  1. Educational Institutions should appoint an Internal Complaints Committee to monitor the crimes related to sexual harassment.
  2. Discriminatory rules shall not be imposed on women.
  3. Student’s freedom of movement shall not be hindered using the safety norms.
  4. Priority should be given to the construction of women’s hostel.

Some of their demands like the first, second and third shall be heard by the authorities, but they are not bound to pay heed to the second and third as per the article 15(3), Constitution of India. The fourth demand is an epitome of the third wave or the extremist feminism where they do not just want equality but also want preferential treatment. 

Pinjra Tod and underlying security and radicalisation threats

Recently, two members of the Pinjra Tod were booked for indulging in the anti-CAA protests which later turned into a riot. Natasha Narwal, a member of the group  “Pinjra Tod” has been booked under UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act), for allegedly inciting violence during the Delhi Riots in which the police constable Ratan Lal and Intelligence Bureau Staff Ankit Sharma was murdered. As per various reports, Ankit Sharma was stabbed 400 times, while there were others that claimed he was stabbed 12 times. In these riots, 53 people lost their lives and 400 were left injured.

Initially, the two activists of Pinjra Tod were granted bail by the magistrate court but were later booked under various other sections including the charges of murder and inciting the violence by the special cell of Delhi Police. In a recent interview, Aishe Ghosh, member of the far-left student group and President of Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union has accused the government of arresting the dissent voices to suppress the anti-CAA protest and also claimed that various students across the country are being framed under various charges of IPC, to create a sense of fear among them. 

The emergence of groups with ideological extremism as their guiding light, has given rise to a new set of problems to the Indian authorities. The ideological politics and its worse face in the form of Antifa, KKK in the USA, Communist Party of India(Maoist) has been very dangerous for the society. While the latter is a banned terrorist outfit in India, KKK has been suppressed by the US government using various laws passed from 1870 to 1871 popularly known as Klu Klux Acts. In a very recent tweet, President Trump said that the USA will declare Antifa as a terrorist organisation.

The Constitution of India provides the freedom to everyone to speak their mind with certain restrictions which are important to keep society, law and order intact. In the recent hearing, the court has granted the police a remand of 10 days for Devangana Kalita and Natasha Narwal. It remains to be seen what the pandora’s box holds in future for groups like these. 

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