Maharashtra Government exporting COVID-19 positive cases to other states?

Maharashtra, a state in India, has the highest number of state-wise cases of COVID-19 in India. The government has failed its citizens and their method has been proved as a flop. Maharashtra had its first case on March 9 and since then it has only been increasing. The number of deaths is also highest in the state compared to others.

While people are dying in Maharashtra as the government is busy creating its good image by hiring various actors to praise police department, which was a silent spectator of mob violence. The two Hindu Sadhus who were handed over to the violent mob by the police resulting in the death of two pious souls who had given all their life for the betterment of society. You can see in the picture below, how the machinery failed in protecting the life of two Sadhus. This lynching has caused a wide uproar on social media and even till date, not all the perpetrators are caught. 

Palghar lynching
In a recent incident in Uttar Pradesh, the police caught a man who was accused of murdering a temple priest by bating him, was caught within 6 hours of the crime. While the Maharashtra government tried their best to politicise this matter but failed after the actual perpetrator was caught.
The Maharashtra government has been accusing opposition parties of politicising the matter, while they were exercising their constitutional right and moral obligation as opposition and this criticism was based on facts. While baseless criticism can be called  substandard politics but the criticism based on facts must not be called one.
Maharashtra government has failed to control the outbreak of Coronavirus in their state and now they are exporting the infected people to other states. While it is understandable that people wanting to go to their home must be allowed to go, it is not recommended that they shall be allowed to do so on the cost of the public health crisis. The increasing number of cases in states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are mostly from Maharashtra returnees. Yesterday Kerala, a state which had controlled the outbreak, saw an unprecedented rise of 63 cases and in UP various villages have been reporting cases of people who came back from Maharashtra.

Maharashtra as of now has recorded 70000+ cases of SARS Cov-2 which is more than 30% of the total cases in India. It has been noticed that this government has been a failure at almost every stand and has only been indulging in publicity rather than actual work. The Aarey Milk Colony controversy is another issue where the Government had failed the public earlier. Keeping in mind the betterment of the environment is healthy for the existence of humanity, but selective opinion is dangerous for the existence of any living thing. After Thackrey government came to power they stopped the metro shed project and also stopped the Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet train project.

The government even tried to mock the constitutional values of India by saying that they will provide reservation on the bases of religion to Muslims in Maharashtra. While this move was welcomed by the self-appointed vigilantes of the constitution, it sparked strong criticism from the intellectuals. The government’s minister and their coalition partners have been recently found indulging in hate speech where one of their coalition members said they had formed the government for Muslims.

The government also failed to contain the spread of the virus by the member of a fringe group, Tableeghi Jamat, a hardcore Islamist

organisation which has been accused of brainwashing several people into terrorism and the head of the organisation is absconding from police, and he has been charged with serious crimes like money laundering, cognizable offence amount to murder and various other serious charges. To safeguard their vote, the bank government also refrained to act against the far left banned terrorist organisation members like Gautam Navlakha who are accused on plotting to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modi and are also accused in the Bhima Koregaon Violence .

In a very recent move, BMC(Brihan Mumbai Mahanagarpalika) crossed all the boundaries of religious appeasement and appointed radical Islamist group as a nodal agency to bury the corpses of muslims who will die of the covid-19. The silent support from the Uddhav Thackrey government is showing a true face of the secular government which is defining secularism as they want keeping aside the constitutional values.

As of now, Government is only indulging in PR stunts and mockery of public health and doing nothing which can reflect results on the ground, while there are states with the higher population which had cases earlier than Maharashtra have done much better to contain the virus. The only question that remained unanswered is when will this government wake up and start focusing on the actual work instead of camera.

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