Mitron App - An Indian Version of Tik Tok or a Pakistani Version of the new spyware #tiktokvsyoutube ?

Mitron App
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MITRON app, which is being promoted as an Indian answer to the famous Chinese app Tik Tok, reportedly seen promoted by right-wing ideologues, who are unaware of the fact that the actual source code of the app was bought from a Pakistani company Qboxus which is infamous for creating a duplicate of various famous apps and selling the source codes of the duplicate apps at a cheaper price.

While Prime minister, Narendra Modi’s call for being ‘vocal for local’ may work in various sectors and bring positive results, it will not be possible for the whole country to completely boycott the Chinese products abruptly as India is dependent on China for various important and life-saving materials, one of which is APCs(active pharmaceutical ingredients) which is imported from China and is used in making medicines. China also provides us with various types of machinery at cheaper costs which will cost India a fortune if we will buy from the European Markets. And purchasing from European markets will not make us “ATMANIRBHAR” in anyway.

Mitron App’s Source code

In a press release by the company, they said that the source code of the app is quite similar to what they call Tic Tic, a duplicate app of the Chinese Tik Tok. The company said that they have no issue in the manner source code is being as it has been bought for $34( almost 2500 INR) and the company has received its payment but what is saddening is that people calling it an Indian app while this app is an exact copy of the Pakistani company’s source code with no changes whatsoever.

Mitron App and #YoutubevsTikTok

In the creators battle of Tik Tok vs Youtube, a lot of negative ratings and reviews was given to the Tik Tok app by the followers of the Youtube creator Carryminati while led in the downfall of the rating of Chinese short video post platform. Later almost all of the reviews were removed by Google which brought back the ratings of Tik Tok from 1.2 to 4.4. In a rage to teach Tik Tok a lesson, a lot of people uninstalled the Tik Tok and started looking for the Indian version of the same app which led to the discovery of MITRON app on Google store.

Mitron app was downloaded almost 50 lakh times in last month. The Mitron app which was bought on CodeCanyon for $ 34 is now worth hundreds of thousands. The promoter of the Mitron app, an e-commerce company named Shopkiller in a response to New18’s query said that they wanted to work in stealth mode and didn’t want people to know about their real identities while they mock the feelings of a billion Indians who are downloading this app considering it a fully Indian made app.

There are some very serious privacy and security threats that this app poses and some of them are even worse than Tik Tok. This app has no privacy policy which means it will use the data of public the way it wants without disclosing their policies, while Tik Tok has a privacy policy but is still not safe. Tik Tok clearly states in their privacy policy that they will keep your data as long as they want even if you delete your account with them. Mitron app has a lot of bugs and asks for several unusual permissions for an app of video category which is also worrisome.

The bigger question here is that, why exactly applications such as ‘Uninstall the Chinese apps’ are trending on a Chinese mobile but continuing to use various Chinese brands of mobile phones among the millennials? And is uninstalling Chinese apps enough to keep yourself private? In the world of internet, where apps like Facebook track your web usage and the websites you browse, Google that tracks your everyday movement and various electronics gadgets that keep track of your various moods and what not, ‘privacy is myth.’

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