The 'Anonymous' : Back with a bang post George Floyd's Murder

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World famous hacktivist group, the “Anonymous” are back in action, after being inactive for several years, this time only to take a stance on the recent death of George Floyd, which has erupted massive rage across the United States. Reportedly, on May 30, The Minneapolis Police Department’s (MPD) website was taken down and remained offline through the day.

The hacker group, also addressed as “hacktivists” had posted a video on Facebook, on May 28 which had garnered over 2.3 million views claiming to have hacked the MPD website. The website now has captcha to verify that the visitor is not a bot, the report said. 

Although Anonymous did not claim responsibility for taking down the MPD website, the Anonymous Twitter handle @LatestAnonNews, which claims to be run by “multiple Anons,” retweeted various tweets, possibly signifying that it was the result of an attack carried out by Anonymous. 

In the viral video posted originally on Anonymous’ Facebook page, an anonymous member in their signature symbol Guy Fawkes mask spoke out against police brutality in the US, after the recent incident of George Floyd’s murder.

Anonymous message to the US

In the video, the hooded figure says, “Police brutality and murder is a widespread problem in the United States, which has undoubtedly infected nearly every jurisdiction in the country… and officer Chauvin especially should face murder charges. Unfortunately, we do not trust your corrupt organization to carry out justice, so we will be exposing your many crimes to the world.” 

The message ended with their usual warning, “We are legion. Expect us.” Further revolting against the police department, they also allegedly hacked into radio frequencies used by the Chicago police department to play N.W.A.’s “F*** tha Police.”

The Anonymous “hacktivists” have no face and are a centralised group, with no leadership. Their tagline is simply “we are legion”, referring to its allegedly large numbers of individuals spread across the world, due to which anyone can claim to be a part of the group. This also means that members can have wildly different priorities, and there is no single agenda.

The hacktivist group was named one of the 100 most influential people by Time magazine readers in 2012, while Time itself placed the group at 36th place. Their symbol is a Guy Fawkes mask, made famous by Alan Moore’s graphic novel V for Vendetta, an inspiration that was even used in the recent Netlfix hit series, Money Heist.

The group began on 4chan, an anonymous imageboard website, in 2003. The group that initially started out with the purpose of providing entertainment, eventually started becoming affiliated with activism on several international and humanitarian issues, with an anti establishment approach. Reportedly, several cyber attackers worldwide have been arrested for alleged involvement with the group, including in the UK and US. Even though the Anonymous operations are often anti-establishment, they are largely welcomed by a substantial number of people around the world. 

Back in Time

The first major Anonymous operation which made headlines was against the Church of Scientology in 2008, in which it used DDoS attacks on bringing down some of the organisation’s websites. Back in 2010, ‘Operation Payback’ carried out by the hacktivist group targeted various films and art studios along with production houses of American and copyright protection groups. 

Later that year, the hacker group brought down the PayPal website and other organisations which had cut off services to Wikileaks.

Apart from voicing against police brutality in Minneapolis, Anonymous has cautioned to make a series of exposes, which it has already begun. In a recent post, the Anonymous has also accused President Trump of killing Jeffery Epstein to “cover up his story of child trafficking and rape.” 

In another post by them states that, “Anonymous did not support Trump; we are apolitical. In 2015, we tried to expose Epstein’s links and Trump’s organised crime, and we were stifled by an operation of influence by the Russian government and Nazis.”

One among the many shocking revelations made by the group over the past 48 hours, is about Princess Diana’s death, claiming that her death was a ‘murder planned and executed by the British royal family.’ With the presidential elections fast approaching in the US, the Anonymous seems to be ready to rage war against the establishment and keeping them on toes by ‘exposing their many crimes to the world’ in the coming days, which could potentially make flutters in world politics. 


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