Made in PRC - Indians boycotting Chinese products

Indians boycotting Chinese products

Indians boycotting Chinese products is nothing unusual or to be precise Indians calling out for a boycott of Chinese made products is nothing new. This time around, it has been called out by the 3 Idiots fame Sonam Wangchuk, on whom the movie was loosely based. In his call to boycott China, he shared his concerns for border security and how the Chinese infiltration in the Indian markets is increasing day by day. He also showed concerns over people getting exploited for their want of low-cost smartphones, machinery, electronics and various other goods.


Earlier when there was a wave of boycotting Chinese products, the Chinese government started using ‘Made in PRC,’ which stands for Made in the People’s Republic of China instead of ‘Made in China’ to confuse people while buying products. Indians boycotting Chinese products can actually be beneficial to India, as when India and China trade, China has a trade surplus of over $50 billion. While this cannot hurt the whole $50 billion, it will surely lower it by $8-10 billion. 

This time it all started with cringe posting on TikTok, where TikTok users kept floating some cringy and nasty content, which encourage domestic violence, rape, acid attack molestation, gender animosity, toxic feminism and almost every other form of heinous crimes. Some of the videos posted on TikTok also seemed to be welcoming Coronavirus to India and calling it NRC of their non-existent friend. 

When all these videos surfaced on politically relevant platforms like Twitter, causing massive outrage by netizens. Some of the influencers took notice of it and wrote to the concerned authorities regarding the removal of the videos, asking for a complete ban of TikTok. While the platform is swift in reporting any content, promoting Taiwan as a country and its failure in banning these antisocial elements says a lot about the priority of the company.

It should actually start from Chinese apps and Chinese phones, as these two pose a national security threat as well as privacy threat to the users. Applications like Tik Tok have a privacy policy to keep users data as long as they want, even if they delete their account. In November 2017, intelligence agencies along with the military establishments cautioned about using around 42 Chinese apps, as they were acting as spyware and were not safe for usage. Chinese mobile phone companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo have flooded the Indian market, with Xiaomi leading the market share in India.

Indians boycotting Chinese products will also send a message to the Chinese regime that they need to change their attitude towards India, if they want access to the Indian markets and empty the pockets on the Indians. Very recently Indians started searching for Indian replacements of the Chinese apps and this was how the Mitron App was found. It was an outsourced app from Pakistan, being presented as a desi app. Mitron app was removed from Google Play Store and later restored after massive outrage. Some have even accused the tech giant to be acting at  the behest of China.

Pic Credit- Amul Twitter

Recently, the trend of Indians boycotting Chinese products on Twitter was fuelled with Twitter’s move of blocking Amul’s official account for a brief period and later restoring it again, after the Indian brand had tweeted an illustration that said, “Exit the Dragon?” targeting China. People even accused Twitter of acting on the behest of China. #BoycottTwitter was seen as another hashtag trending on Twitter.

People using Chinese phones with Chinese apps on their phone and trending #boycottChineseproducts almost sounds like, “Ek Chini Virodhi Kya Karega? Woh subah uthega, din bhar ‘Boycott China Boycott China’ chillaega aur fir khana kha ke so jaega, aur haan ye boycott China chillane ke liye wo Oppo, Vivo aur Xiaomi ka phone use karega jisme TikTok to jarur hoga,” meaning “What will a boycott China activist do? He will wake up, shout ‘Boycott China Boycott China,’ eat and then sleep and yes he will do this on Twitter, using a Chinese phone, with several Chinese apps on it!” 

Indians boycotting Chinese products must not just be a mere trend, rather become a lifestyle of Indians. Not only China but Indians, as said by the Prime Minister, must be “Atma Nirbhar” in every aspect of life and use only Indian made products, including such apps.

With Indians boycotting Chinese products, it is high time that we start being ‘vocal for local,’ as replacing Chinese phones with American ones or replacing other goods with other foreign companies, would not help us in becoming “Atma Nirbhar.” What we need to do is buy locally, advertise them through word of mouth, help our local vendors in becoming global brands.

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