Amit Shah's virtual rally and real political goals

Political parties never cease to amaze us with the devotion of going to any length to procure their political goals. Wonder, where this devotion goes when it comes to fulfilling all those promises made by them in pursuit of winning elections. They simply fail to walk the talk. Be it any party in power.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday kicked off BJP’s campaign for West Bengal ahead of 2021 assembly elections. Addressing a virtual rally, —mind you, “virtual rally”—from New Delhi meant for Bengal, Amit Shah was seen lambasting West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The base of Shah’s speech was CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). He was taking swipe at Mamata for her staunch opposition to CAA.

Full marks to the government for finding a solution for their political campaigning even during a pandemic. Wish they could have shown such adroitness in managing this nation, which is now the fifth-highest in the world in terms of Covid-19 cases. Well, this aptly fits the saying, “ Pran jaye par Prachar na jaye.”

Amit Shah’s speech delivered in the middle of the pandemic and economic crisis reached almost 50-60 lakhs people as claimed by the BJP. But did the chorus of the job losses, agony of poor migrants, mourning of the bereaved, reach the government. If yes, the country wouldn’t have seen Shah boasting about his government’s achievements over the past year, since the second term of the Modi stint.

Shah after an episode of singing Modi government’s one-year achievement’s lullaby, came down heavily on the Trinamool supremo and said, “I want to ask her: What harm did the Matua community do to you? What problem did the Bengali brothers, who came here from Bangladesh, cause to you? Why are you opposing them to get their identity and honour? The people of Bengal want to know… She needs to clarify her stand with reasons. Mamata didi, when the ballot boxes will be opened, you will find people of Bengal making you a political refugee. Opposition to the CAA will cost you dearly.”

Shah’s thrust left little doubt that the Citizenship matrix would be a key element in setting BJP’s campaign narrative for 2021 assembly polls.

In the same breath, Shah tore into Banerjee for being very apathetic on the migrant worker’s plight. He said, “I was shocked when Mamata didi referred the Shramik Express as Corona Express. The Bengal labourers will not forgive you for being so inconsiderate to them.”

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“The same Corona Express will become the reason for your ousting from the power in the coming election,” he added.

Trinamool also reacted too sharply to Mr Shah saying that he peddled lies and that the saffron party was hungry for votes even as the state was battling the double whammy of Covid-19 and devastation caused by cyclone Amphan.

With West Bengal assembly election impending, the whistle has been blown, the poll mat is spread, the narrative is set, political parties are all geared up to take on each other and so are the naive citizens, to be used as their political tool.

The moot question is, who extracts profit from such political cockfight? Who gains political mileage from such rallies? The answer is the political party themselves. However, political outfits are known for such manoeuvres and people have come to terms with it.

The country is confronting its biggest battle since the inception of this guest virus (COVID-19) whose appetite of taking lives is just not coming to an end. The guest may have a plan to prolong its stay.

The government looks baffled in its planning and strategy, to confine this pandemic that has already claimed over 8,000 lives in India. The number becomes quite scarier, when it comes to the total number of cases in the country, that is nearing 3 lakhs.

While the government might have failed in its efforts to ensure health safety but not in prioritising its political goal even in the face of this big crisis.

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