Who was Friedrich Nietzsche and What was his philosphy? Nihilist or anti-Nihilist?

Friedrich Nietzsche

No order? Cool! The word which makes the core of Nihilism and one of the most associated people with this question has been Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, an enchanting, wise and profoundly influential thinker who was gone unnoticed in his time. Freidrich Neitzsche was born in Rocken, Germany in 1844 and died in Weimar, Germany in 1900. He did not have a good life altogether and he never liked his mother and sister. He never had any good relationship in his life and was very accepting of what was coming at him, and this acceptance can be seen in his philosophy of Amor Fati.

He was a very bright student and was appointed as a professor at the age of 24 at the University of Basel in Switzerland. He had a panic attack while he saw flogging of a horse and threw his hand around its neck to protect and horse and he fell down to never be same again. It was in 1889 and he died 11 sad years later due to mental illness.

He still lives many lives through all of us who believe that order is not a natural phenomenon and we shall accept our fate as it is our life. He was not a sadist so always believed that human efforts can make this world a better place.

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Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche’s version of a superman, a man who accepts everything that life throws at him and never cries at it and try to solve it with his superpower. In his words, a man with the best approach to life, a person with his own values and principles, who is independently minded who will make his own path instead of following the herd is superman. They might have to hurt people for the greater good, they will be selfish in strategic ways, they will never be resentful towards the successful one, they will be kind to weak out of their own respect of their own strengths.

Amor Fati

Friedrich Nietzsche

Love your fate because that is what your life is. To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering. He who has a why to live can bear almost anyhow. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. These are some phrases that Friedrich Nietzsche has written. His own life was full of misery, he never had any good moments with women either. But he accepted it as it was and tried to make it better but was never really successful. Friedrich Nietzsche was not an absurdly optimistic person, just because you have tried doesn’t mean you will succeed. But you must try.

Nietzsche on Christianity

Friedrich Nietzsche had some harshest of the words to say about Christianity. In his own words, “in the entire new testament, the only person worth respecting is the Pilate, the Roman governor”. He referred the Christians as DIE HEERDE – The Herd. He referred Christians timid slaves who wanted to enjoy fulfilment but lacked the spine to do it so they made slave moralities, in his word – SKLAVENMORAL. Like sexlessness turned in purity, submission to people one hates become obedience, weakness became goodness and not being able to take revenge became forgiveness.


Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche’s one of the most important reasons for not liking Christianity was that Christianity suppressed the envy and it was termed as sin to be envious. Friedrich Nietzsche said that being envious makes us realise what we can become one day and it is not necessarily that we will become person altogether but we shall always be envious to extract a better self of us from within. He disliked the Alcohol for the very same reason and because it numbs pain and let people believe that everything around is okay and we shall remain in the position we are.

Today we shall be to an extend be influenced by the words of Friedrich Nietzsche and try to explore meaning in our life with help of his words and be envious of our role models to one day be the best versions of our selves.

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