How did Bollywood culture kill Sushant Singh Rajput? Is it about time that we start supporting real talents?

How did Bollywood culture kill Sushant Singh Rajput? Is it about time that we start supporting real talents?

Sushant Singh Rajput chose death over life and hanged himself till death. The news reached almost every corner of the country like forest fire and gave a shock to every nerve out there. People started posting about how Bollywood killed Sushant Singh Rajput? How the so called celebrities and nepotism is responsible for the death of a star who is still shining in a billion hearts.

Many videos surfaced which claimed that Sushant Singh Rajput was constantly being targeted by some of the biggest production houses. One such tweet claimed ‘Dharma, Sajid Nadiadwala, YRF, T Series, Salman Khan, Dinesh Vijan, Balaji have banned Sushant Singh Rajput! So now he can do web series or TV serials only. Superb!!

Twitterati lambasted the ‘bollywood mafia’ and started accusing some of them for the torture Sushant Singh Rajput had went thorugh. Various actors also came forward and clarified what they have been through. In some of his interviews, Sushant claimed that he was always deemed as an outsider and Bollywood ‘elites’ never accepted him as their own.

The late superstar can be found asking people to watch his films otherwise he will be thrown out of the bollywood because he does not have any godfather and he has made public his godfather. Reading all these things, the general public now realise what a gem they have lost by supporting the established nexus and by ignoring the real actors.

This is not the first instance when Bollywood is being accused of Nepotism. On the contrary, Bollywood is nepotism. Only actors and actresses that are given big assignments and promoted these days are mostly offsprings of some of the big names of the industry.

In one of her videos, Kangana Ranaut claimed that there is a gang of Bollywood mafias that decide who will get pictures and who will not. In the same breath Kangana further said that she got messages from some journalists to whom she referred as ‘chamchas’ saying that time is not working in your favour, please do not take any unwarranted step, which in her words is signal by the chamchas that suicide is an option.

In her words, Sushant Singh Rajput believed what they said and killed himself. She claimed that the real culprit is the Bollywood nexus. Mumbai Police in a very recent tweet said that they will look into this angle if this was a planned murder through mental torture.

After Kangana, Ravina Tandon also opened up about some of her untoward experiences. Some netizens even claimed that this is nothing new and some of the actors have this kind of attitude as they rule and run Bollywood. Salman khan being one of them. In a very recent turn of events, Salman Khan banned Arijit Singh from his films. His altercations and rivalry with Vivek Oberoi is not new to the world and his alleged role in Oberoi’s boycott by several production houses.

Furious netizens were also seen taking a swipe on Karan Johar, whose production house(Dharma production) has been one of the most sought after launchpads for the star kids that has left no stone unturned to harbour and cater nepotism.

The award ceremonies is another big scam of bollywood on which who knows how many pieces have been written where the award ceremony organizers create some very random and unheard and unimaginable type of categories to appease some of the famous faces.

Looking at various films of Sushant Singh Rajput, it can be easily claimed that the guy was a magnificent and a natural actor who had proved his mettle in every role he essayed. Kai Po Che, Dhoni and Chhichhore are some of his most critically acclaimed movies. And if we look at the awards that the actor got for his nonpareil performance, it is almost negligible.

On the contrary, the nepotism products have bagged various awards even for some of the worst acts in the history of cinema. While in reality, “50 rupya” shall be deducted from their actual pay for overacting. Bollywood has almost become a stagnant water body which will only produce things from within and not accept any outsider, even if the outsider is better than any available in the stagnant water.

The PR agencies are one of the main reasons behind the popularity of not so talented and forcibly promoted star kids, the promoted news and the paid media plans a news for money and rotates it in a way that catches the mind of people and there are various examples of such. We will not name any, but by just looking at some newspapers or news websites, it is easily discernible how some actors are praised without any criticism while others are snubbed without any due recognition.

After the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, the question of nepotism shall not only be asked rather the public shall give a ‘befitting’ reply to the nexus by boycotting the planted actors and actresses and focus on the real masterpieces.

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