Economy and Coronavirus at 2020 – Death, Hunger and Joblessness

economy and coronavirus

In India, as per CIME around 12.2 crore jobs will be lost due to the lockdown including unorganized sector. Indian economy which was already going through a slowdown has now entered a full fledged lockdown phase which will have a very negative impact on the country’s growth. According to an article published in the Live Mint, around 136 million jobs are at immediate risk in India in the non-agricultural sector.

Recruitment Examinations in India – Fate of Children

recuitment examinations in india

With the advent of coronavirus, everything in India has changed and people are moving towards new normal, this new normal looks very scary to some while others are relieved for the fact that they will be allowed to go out. Social distancing has taken a toll on the psychology of people stranded in far away places from their loved ones.