Recruitment Examinations in India - Fate of Children

One of the most affected sections due the lockdown are students who were aspiring to get jobs in the government sector and were preparing for the same. Most of the examinations have been postponed and some have been stopped in the middle. Results were also delayed and students suffered the most among all the sections.

recuitment examinations in india
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With the advent of coronavirus, everything in India has changed and people are moving towards new normal, this new normal looks very scary to some while others are relieved for the fact that they will be allowed to go out. Social distancing has taken a toll on the psyche of people stranded in far away places from their loved ones. 

One of the most affected sections due the lockdown are students who were aspiring to get jobs in the government sector and were preparing for the same. Most of the examinations have been postponed and some have been stopped in the middle. Results were also delayed and students suffered the most among all the sections. These students come from various sections of society out of which most of them are from weaker sections of society mostly from economically backward sections. With the loss of jobs and shut down of business, their parents are also suffering from the same fate of joblessness and foodlessness.

While talking to Uncommon Talks, some of the students who do not wish to be named, told us that with the time vacancies are also lowering and the government is not giving any attention to this section as no media house or political party are raising their voice. She also hoped that the government would support them and give them some support in these tough times.

Another student who talked to us showed his discontent with the current policies of the government. While he agreed that a lockdown is necessary and the government shall not conduct exams, he argued that the government shall provide some support to the students monetarily especially those who are economically backward like him.

We reached some other students for their suggestions and problems and talked to aspirants of various examinations, in our talk to one of the students who is selected for UP Teacher Recruitment said that these delays, corruption and alleged involvement of some of the big names like ministers in the recruitment process has faded their hope for getting a job. He said, ‘he has prepared all his life for this examination, after failing twice, he cleared it this time, he is old enough to be not eligible for other examinations and if he does not get it this time due to corruption, it will shatter all his hope’. The student cried while talking.

We reached some students who are waiting for the results of SSC CGL Tier 1, students seem quite satisfied and one of the students said that , ‘TCS is conducting examination of SSC now so we are safe as they are known to deliver on time’. One other student said that only delay is because of the coronavirus pandemic or otherwise Tier 2 would have been conducted by now. But all of them seemed a little confused over the fate of examinations from next year as the government has announced a single examination for the qualifying phase of posts of group B, C and D.

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We reached some students who were preparing for bank examinations, one of the students who was selected for IBPS Clerk and was also waiting for the results of SBI clerk expressed her discontent for the delay by SBI in the examinations and in her words, SBI should have given the result even if they cannot conduct mains as of now. She also told us that, in a reply to a tweet of one student, SBI asked him to keep an eye on the website, which is a sign that result might come out soon, but her question is When?

In our quest, we also talked to some students who were preparing for Railways Group D and NTPC. Those students seem furious over the incompetence of railways authority and the government as it has now been almost an year since the notification and no date or any sign that examinations will be conducted has been shown from the authorities. The student also said he has been preparing for this examination for long and now the economic conditions of the family is not allowing him to prepare anymore and he might look for some other job now. Taking a jibe at the government’s earlier words, he said he might start selling pakoras now once the restrictions are lifted and new normalcy is restored.

We then reached some of the students who are preparing for UPSC CSE and to our surprise, these students were kind of happy with the postponement of examination as they got sufficient time to revise now and a lot of them showed hope of getting selected and scoring good marks. One of the students also claimed that competition might be tougher this time as everyone has got time to prepare well while others contradicted him by saying that most students are relaxed that examination  has been delayed and stopped preparing.

We finally reached the engineers and asked them their opinion on the delays in the examination, they blasted out at the government for their policies on constantly reducing seats of the engineers in the examination. One of the students showed us the vacancies of this year and we asked him about the number of students who appear for examinations, he claimed that hundreds of thousands of students appear for UPSC CSE and GATE examinations. 

Students also told us about the recent dramatic event when Railways withdrew the seats after the ESE Prelims were conducted which sent shockwaves around the students fraternity and scared the students about their future. Students shared with us stories about some of their friends and claimed that some of them had even qualified mains and gave interviews last year and could not qualify the Prelims this year because of the abrupt and untimely decision of the Railways.

Students were in doubt about the future of the newly announced IRMS examinations as initially it was announced that UPSC will conduct the examinations and later some news came that UPSC will not conduct the examinations. Our official sources confirmed that UPSC will conduct the examinations and we informed them about that. One of the students questioned about the hypocrisy of the government where on one side they are clubbing all the Prelims examination for group B, C and D in one examination and on the other side they are creating different examinations in group A. Students also accused the government of devastating the future of the students by their rampant decisions without taking in account the sufferings of students. 

The same student said that the government should have created a different service and different exam for the same service from next year by informing the students in advance.

They also enlightened us about the UPSSSC JE Examination 2016 for which the notification was released in 2016 and examination has not been conducted yet. This information shocked us as this delay seems like a lifetime for students. He also told us about the sufferings of students who gave various other engineering examinations and are waiting for results for 3 to 4 years. He also mentioned some of the results which came after 3 to 4 years and still waiting for joining results.

One of the students also shared with us some photos of an RTI that some students filed regarding their marks in UPPCL recruitment and claimed that the students who have filed RTI have deliberately failed in the interview to pass some students who have paid money to the corrupt officials. He also claimed that he talked to some of the people from the examination conducting body and they said that it is necessary to award at least 25% of the marks in the interview, which has not been followed as per the photos shared.

We also asked students about their mental well being and most of them said that they are suffering from mental pressure to perform. Some of the students while talking to us also mentioned about the financial constraints they are going through. None of them mentioned the depression or any such illness but we asked them to read the government guidelines to keep themselves free from any such illness and remain fit for the upcoming challenges and examinations.

When asked about the lockdown and performance of the government, some students avoided the question while most of them showed a sheer discontent with the handling of coronavirus by some states, especially Delhi as most of the students we talked to were preparing in Delhi and they also mentioned that now they feel scared in going back to Delhi due to the increasing number of cases and the failure of the administration to address the issue. Some also blamed the central government for their failure in transporting the migrants as 80 migrants have died in transit. They said that the government should have provided them with food and water while maintaining social distances.

When we showed some photos of the trains to ask for their reactions, most of the students were shocked to see the conditions in which people were travelling during this raging pandemic and lodged heavy discontent with the government’s actions.

We also wish them very best for their future endeavours and we thank them for sharing their stories with Uncommon Talks.

Note: We also do not guarantee the information furnished above as these are the words of students and we provided them a platform to speak.

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