Are state governments lying about the COVID-19 data?

The state governments have been reluctant to report the actual numbers of COVID-19 deaths. The recent addition of ‘backlog deaths’ of COVID-19 has added to the suspicion of the general public.

Are state governments lying about the COVID-19 data?

After the report of Delhi Government and MCD data mismatch, various other state governments data came under the scanner of High Courts and the general public. On June 11, the three Delhi Municipal Corporations reported that the total death count was 2098 while the Delhi government maintained it at 984.

Delhi government health secretary blamed hospitals both private and public hospitals for late reporting. Their credibility for being efficient that they claim is also being questioned. Earlier, in May also there was a huge mismatch between the data of the data of MCD and Delhi Government where MCD claimed he death toll to be at 426, Delhi Government maintained it at 194 .

In the financial capital of the country, Maharashtra, there have been serious allegations against the government for misleading the public with incomplete data. On June 16, more than 2000 coronavirus deaths were reported across the country out of which most were ‘backlog deaths’ and 1328 ‘backlog’ fatalities were from Maharashtra alone.

It has also been revealed that BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) has not reported almost 451 deaths to the state government.

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In West Bengal, the report of reluctance in reporting the actual death toll due to the virus came to light when a letter by Principal Secretary of West Bengal to Union Health Secretary mentioned 931 deaths while the state government was showing it as 816.

Meanwhile, in the state of Telangana, the High has observed that the Telangana Government is fudging the COVID-19 data. The court also observed that the Telangana government is not providing the doctors with an adequate amount of PPE kits. The state reported around 5100 cases in a month and in 4 days there was a sudden hike of 1000 cases.

There have been allegations of inefficiency against the Aarogya Setu App about not alerting the people when they are going near any person who is COVID-19 positive. There was a clearance issued that the infected person must have updated his data using self-assessment, then only the app will show the notification to others.

Due to late reporting of data, the general public was in a disguise that the total death toll in India is lower than other nations which might turn out to be false soon as India’s death rate remains at 3.3% now which is 0.6% higher than what was a week ago.

The last question that pops up in everyone’s mind is, Are state governments lying about the COVID-19 data?
Will we be able to keep ourselves safe and maintain the low death rate? Please share your views in the comments section below.

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