A protest where no one protested - the USA riots 2020

After the death of George Floyd, a protest broke out in the United States of America demanding the arrest of police personnel, who as per the protestors was responsible for this mishap.

A protest where no one protested - the USA riots 2020

In no time this protest was hijacked by some politically motivated groups including BLM and the left sympathizers and turned into riots and the rioters started looting the shops and bashing people for their ideology. 

Many ‘woke’ celebrities, who follow a violent ideology, from all walks of life, joined this protest. Even the Indian celebrities who kept mum on Hindu Sadhus when they were lynched were witnessed thumping their chest and crying like death.

These riots have definitely changed America and I, as a person of colour is afraid of going there. And this might surprise the readers, it’s not because of the whites but due to the extremists from AntiFa, Left and the BLM. People who called out rioters were labelled racist and one such person is Candace Owens. The lady has been very critical of the hypocrisy of the black community and how they are being used by the left for a particular narrative. 

This reminds me of an interview of my favourite actor, Morgan Freeman, who is himself a black, was asked about the relevance of skin colour in a person’s success, his only answer was there is no relevance. In another interview, the same actor was asked about how to stop racism in reply to which he said, stop talking about it, you stop referring to me as a black man and I shall stop referring to you as a white man. 

In a debate, a person of colour once said that most of the self-proclaimed race activists these days do not want to talk about the problems of the present rather want to avenge the injustice of the past and in doing so they are only ruining the present and future of youngsters. These riots have also started a trend where companies and institutions have started removing people from the job, stopping their scholarships and what not merely for saying ‘white lives matter’. 

Once talking to a ‘self-proclaimed’ race warrior, I asked why was it inappropriate for others to trend #whitelivesmatter or #alllivesmatter, in response to which they said that because you only operate the heart when the problem is in heart and not shout #kidneymatters. The obvious question that anyone would ask, what if not everyone has the problem in their heart? What if the rest of others have it in the kidney? 

The issue these days is that everyone wants to hold placards with hashtags on it and shout. No one wants to sit and talk. The rioters even vandalised the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, the man stood up for equal rights and non-violence. These so-called protests were based on the ideology of an eye for an eye. And as Gandhi said an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. The riots claimed the lives of many. It is shameful that some people who were ‘peaceful’ protestors are responsible for the death of many.

Soon after these protests started, all the social media websites including Facebook, twitter and youtube, started showing their white knight side and started supporting the cause and demanded justice for the late George Floyd. This move was praised everywhere. But even these platforms due to fear of being judged did never call out the rioters. 

Isn’t it ironically stupid and insane at the next level that people who are “protesting for justice” are rioting, burning petrol pumps, killing people, looting shops and what not? I expected a little better from the learned ones and these social media companies that they will call out these riots. 

The timing of these riots is also suspicious. US Presidential Elections are around the corner and a narrative is being set using these protests. May God save the USA democracy as DEMOCRATS will be the worst thing that will happen to the world and the USA in 2020. 

But wait…It’s 2020–a year full of curse. Whatever happens, is just lesser and protest means “violence and riots”. 

Change starts from within and it is high time that black people stop blaming others for their hardships and work for the betterment of their community. Riots and blaming others will not solve anything, rather worsen it.

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