Mewat has become the graveyard for Hindus and especially Dalits, said retired Judge

Secularism, a word with circumstantial meaning in India, has been used by many to further their propaganda and some to show their ‘tolerance’.

Mewat has become the graveyard for Hindus and especially Dalits, said retired Judge

This word has lately been discussed more than any other issue since the Modi Government came to power. To further their political ambitions, a section of the political establishment started accusing the current government of being biased towards certain sections of the Indian society, while the facts and figures say otherwise. 

In the very recent turn of events, there has been a sharp decline in the population of Hindus in the Mewat(Nuh) district of Haryana. 

Pawan Kumar, a retired Judge, conducted an inquiry into the alleged atrocities and submitted his report on June 1. The report said that there is no difference between the condition of Hindus in Pakistan and Hindus in Mewat. He also called Mewat a graveyard for Dalits. 

The report mentioned several incidents of atrocities and crimes caused to Dalit women including gang rape and murder which was later claimed as a suicide. The report also mentioned the abduction and gangrape of a Dalit girl by four Muslim men at the house of a serving policeman. It must be noted that no action was taken against the perpetrators. 

The judge added that demolishing and looting of Dalit Marriages and forced conversions had also become the norm. The report went ahead and specifically mentioned a case where the stomach of a Dalit man cut open by Muslims, filled with cotton and set ablaze. 

Aurangzeb-like brutal atrocities are being carried out on the Dalits by Muslims, said the retired Judge in his remarks. He added that more than 205 Valmiki families have been forcefully converted since 1996. One such incident was mentioned about a man named Junaid, who kidnapped a mother of two and forcibly married her. He is now pressuring her both minor girls to convert to Islam and forces them to watch obscene clips in his presence. 

When the matter was brought in the eyes of certain Hindu Organisations like Vishwa Hindu Parishad, they investigated the matter from their side and a report was made by a committee under the leadership of Retired Major General GD Bakshi. The report said that Hindus are unable to carry out their religious obligations due to fear of life in the Muslim majority area. The report exclusively mentioned that three Police stations namely Punhana, Bichhor and Nagina are the epicentres of the brutal torture against Hindus by Muslims. 

The report also alleged that most of the officials are Muslims and they are adopting a hateful attitude towards Hindus. Illegal construction of various mosques has also been highlighted in the report. 

The apologists of Islamic extremism are already at their work for downplaying the issue. Certain media houses have reported the incident if it is a daily soap opera playing and others simply ignored it. 

The caste politics champions have never raised their voice and when some raised, they are being accused of ‘causing disharmony among the communities’ by the radical Islamists and liberal nexus. 

The selective outrage of the caste champions has cost many loss of life and several others their livelihood and dignity. Had it been a space where they could stir up caste-related tensions, all of them would have been hands in glove with radical Islamists and liberal nexus. 

After the report was submitted by the retired Judge Pawan Kumar, the state government woke up from the slumber in Haryana. Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar visited Mewat(Nuh) and held meetings with various organisations. 

He also promised to bring in freedom of religion act to curb the forced conversions and set up a Dharmada Board to protect Hindu common properties. He also said that a unit of Indian Reserve Battalion will be posted in the district to maintain the law and order working along with the police. 

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