How Hong Kong Security Law is brewing hostility of China towards its neighbours

The new National Security Law defined several new crimes and various punishments for them. Most of the punishments extend to the life term.

How Hong Kong Security Law is brewing hostility of China towards its neighbours
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China has given the world various viruses with pandemic potential, be it SARS, Coronavirus or G4 EA H1N1 Swine Flu. These Chinese viruses have caused the death of many and deeply traumatized millions of people. A rise in anti-China sentiment has been witnessed by many in recent months and some cases of racism against Chinese looking Koreans and other South Eastern Nations were also reported. China has been a failure in addressing such concerns of the citizens of the world and on the contrary China has been hostile towards the countries that expressed concerns over coronavirus originating in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. 

Australia is one of the countries that are actively critical of the Chinese handling of the virus and has supported the independent investigation in the issue by scientists from various countries which China has aggressively denied and threatened Australia with sanctions as Australia is heavily dependent on China for exports. Later, due to Chinese pressure, WHO officials did not invite Taiwan to the World Health Assembly. After the successful attempt of blocking Taiwan, China started using their military might to terrorize their competitively smaller neighbour to shut them down and give a message to not meddle in Chinese affairs. 

The recent Chinese highlighting of border disputes with India and other neighbours and their unwarranted attack on Indian Military Personnel sparked heavy criticism around the world, especially from the quad group. Russia, which has sided with China on various issues and helped in furthering their propaganda has now also come in the radar of the Chinese border dispute propaganda when Chinese authorities started claiming an important eastern city of Russia, Vladivostok. 

The question is why China has suddenly become highly aggressive towards its neighbour and what does it want to achieve from such aggressive policy? 

Experts say that it seems that China wants to scare its neighbour and give them a clear message to not interfere in the local Chinese politics when they implement the security law in Hong Kong autonomous region. This draconian law deprives the citizens of Hong Kong of their basic rights and as per the statements from the UK, it is a violation of the 1997 treaty. 

National Security Law was introduced to crack down on the protesters who are protesting against an earlier law which allowed the government to extradite anyone who has broken any law to mainland China which was later withdrawn amid huge protests by the citizens. These protests later turned into the demand for full democracy. 

The new National Security Law defined several new crimes and various punishments for them. Most of the punishments extend to the life term. 

If anyone is found in indulging in secessionist activities like breaking Hong Kong away from Mainland China in writing, by any art or in speech, they will be charged with life imprisonment. 

Indulging in the acts of terrorism is also punishable by life term, which it shall be but what is worrisome is the definition of terrorism where the communist regime has included vandalizing of public property in the acts of terrorism. 

Any act that disturbs the public order is also punishable by life imprisonment. If any person by words written or spoken or by any art tries to undermine the authority of the central government i.e. Mainland China will be punished with life imprisonment. Collusion against China is also punishable by life imprisonment. 

This law also undermines Judicial Freedom as it empowers the Chief Executive of Hong Kong to have the power to appoint judges in the matters related to national security. This law has also made surveillance of the general public easier by the authorities as any person or group which is suspected to be conspiring against the authorities will be monitored round the clock. This law is also applicable to non-residents and visa holders. 

The main provision that provides Beijing power to meddle in every affair of Hong Kong is the interpretation clause which says China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee will have power over how the law should be interpreted and not anybody from Hong Kong. If any law takes conflict with Hong Kong law, Beijing law will take the precedence. 

There is also speculation that China wants to implement some kind of law in Macau. But these are mere speculations of foreign affairs experts. 

Post enforcement of this law, India criticised this move in the UN although it refrained from signing the official document against China. China was supported by every Islamic Theocracy of the Middle East and by other countries who had economic interests with China. 

Australia and the UK have also proposed to provide Hong Kong residents citizenship in their respective countries after the enactment of the new law, to which China vehemently opposed. 

China by using their military might is also trying to divert the countries from the coronavirus pandemic for which most of the countries are holding China responsible. The coronavirus pandemic will have a lasting effect on the Chinese economy as the country will not see a lot of tourists soon and with the discovery of new viruses almost every month has added to it. 

The popular opinion is that what China has been doing might be legally correct as they have used Annex 3 to make this law for national security but does it stand firm on the moral ground? Please share your views. 

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