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We are a team of highly motivated people who want to make a change in the way the news is served to common people. We are very fascinated with the way different people perceive the same words differently and are very passionate to deliver every content in a way that every one of us will perceive in the same way and see the right side of things without putting any political, ideological or religious lens. The columns here will deal with deep insights that are generally ignored by the mass media as they are very busy in serving their cause and their propaganda. There are the only two things we bust, one is fake news and other is half baked knowledge. The content which we will provide here will always be from authentic sources and these facts and figures can be used and quoted anywhere. Everyone is free to make use of contents published here with appropriate credits.

We strictly follow the various rules and regulations laid down by the government in regards to hate speech, fake news and misinformation. We also abide by the directions and decisions of the Honourable Supreme Court of India. We do not tolerate these things on our website and will never post such things.

“Uncommon Talks” or the administrator appointed by the owner has no direct control over the posts and we do not censor factually correct posts as we consider it as a violation of free speech. We might remove some contents and comments which we find offensive, reported or not, solely on our discretion.

Uncommon Talks in an educational and news delivery website which aims to provide people with free knowledge and raw facts. Contributions are always welcome and needed.

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