Covid-19 Diaries: A one-on-one experience of a journalist with the virus

Covid-19 Diaries: A one-on-one experience of a journalist with the virus

How would a journalist deal with news, when they become a part of it? What happens when on one day, you become a part of the daily tally of Covid-19 patients, of the many ‘cases’ that you have been keeping track of incessantly? On the ‘stubborn’ virus, that refuses to leave the room, Revathi Hariharan, a Delhi-based journalist shares her recent ‘in an out’ experience of Covid-19, with Uncommon Talks. 

Indian fashion mask(uerades) into new Coronavirus trend

indian fashion mask

What started off as a necessity during a pandemic outbreak, masks or face covers, have now become the latest muse for Indian fashion. With masks becoming a tool for survival now, Indian brands and fashionistas have officially pinned it as the latest addition to their ‘haute couture’ lists and how. From simple cotton masks to outfit coordinated customised ones, masks are fast becoming the new ‘talk of the town’ fashion statement. Uncommon Talks finds out more about the latest Indian fashion masks obsession.

How much does the ‘PM CARE(s)?’


The controversy over the transparency of PM CARES Fund has attached itself to a fresh round of accusations. BJP’s Sambit Patra’s post on Twitter saying #PMCARES, which includes a viral picture of a ventilator with a ‘PM Cares’ sticker, is being questioned by the opposition, whether a single picture can justify the lack of transparency of the funds? Since the time of its announcement, several reports of unforeseen controversy has surrounded the fund that “cares” but does not “show” or prove its transparency in complete sense.

Che Guevara – The Executioner in Chief of Fidel Castro


A man born on 14th June 1928, whose existence and deeds will be felt for the centuries, Che Guevara, in the world of humanity, a beast with the lust for human blood and a demon in the body of a man. When today humanity remembers him, let’s remember what he did, what was the revolution he brought about and what the people of Cuba went through because of a ‘mad mass murderer.’

Small town heartthrob, Sushant Singh Rajput no more


Actor Sushant Singh Rajput has reportedly reportedly died by suicide at his Bandra residence. Mumbai Police have confirmed the news of the MS Dhoni fame actor, found hanging in his Bandra apartment. A team has reached his house at Carter Road, for further investigation.

Emergency, asymptomatic mortality on a high: Hospitals continue shunning admissions


Multiple reports of deaths on a rise, due to hospitals— be it private or public, denying admissions, across India have surfaced recently. With India standing at number 4 on the global Corona meter, the country’s key challenge is to control its mortality rate, at the same time keep an eye on the incoming battles of asymptomatic transmission of Coronavirus, which appears to be worse than the SARS or influenza spread.

‘COVID-19 free New Zealand’ : What can other nations learn from NZ ?

New Zealand Coronavirus

On June 8, New Zealand announced itself as a Covid-19 free nation, with the last of its coronavirus patients having recovered. With the country now at alert level 1, June 9 was New Zealand’s health chief Ashley Bloomfield’s last day of providing a health bulletin, which was ardently released at 1pm daily, however will continue to release one each week to provide updates about ongoing health efforts. As June 10 marks the 19th day of no new cases witnessed in New Zealand, its health officials also confirmed that it was the third day that New Zealand had no active cases of Covid-19 in the country. 

What’s up 2020 ? – A year of never ending Mayhem


On December 31, 2019, when the clock struck twelve, who knew those cheers of ‘Happy New Year’ galores, wouldn’t exactly fit right for 2020? Since the beginning of 2020, or even before the dawn of the year, bad omen has left the world with some dented memories, almost making many wonder if 2020 is cursed. Here is a recap of the most disastrously etched incidents that shook the world this year, that took place back to back, leaving no signs of gasps in between.