National Emergency of 1975 in India – The Darkest Chapter of Indian Democracy

National Emergency - The Darkest Chapter of Indian Democracy

Political History National Emergency of 1975 in India – The Darkest Chapter of Indian Democracy National Emergency of India, 1975 to 1977 remains to be the darkest chapter in the history of Indian Democracy where the rights of individuals were surrendered to the government and the ‘powerful’ courts remained mute spectators. Images may be subject […]

Tracking unemployment, export and Indian Economy during Unlock 1

Tracking unemployment, export and Indian Economy during Unlock-1

Economy Tracking unemployment, export and Indian Economy during Unlock 1 The unemployment rate dropped to 7.26% in rural India and in the Urban unemployment rate has fallen to 11.2% in the last week. Images may be subject to copyright. After receiving complaints from domestic aluminium manufacturers, Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) started a probe […]

Economy and Coronavirus at 2020 – Death, Hunger and Joblessness

economy and coronavirus

In India, as per CIME around 12.2 crore jobs will be lost due to the lockdown including unorganized sector. Indian economy which was already going through a slowdown has now entered a full fledged lockdown phase which will have a very negative impact on the country’s growth. According to an article published in the Live Mint, around 136 million jobs are at immediate risk in India in the non-agricultural sector.

Mental health – A reality we all miserably fail to address

mental health

Mental health in India has always been one of the most ignored illnesses and the taboo around it is also quite horrifying. Labelling people suffering from mental illness and judgements over psychiatrists have long been associated as a ‘mad man’s way of living.’ From a cultural perspective, mental disorders are associated with a considerable amount of stigma in Indian society, leading to neglect and marginalisation.

Emergency, asymptomatic mortality on a high: Hospitals continue shunning admissions


Multiple reports of deaths on a rise, due to hospitals— be it private or public, denying admissions, across India have surfaced recently. With India standing at number 4 on the global Corona meter, the country’s key challenge is to control its mortality rate, at the same time keep an eye on the incoming battles of asymptomatic transmission of Coronavirus, which appears to be worse than the SARS or influenza spread.

Reservation in India – A fundamental right or not?

reservation supreme court

Reservation in India has always been a hot topic which almost every party has supported since its inception to gain political mileage and show themselves as the supporter of the backward classes of the society. Although the motive behind the enactment of the special provision for backward classes has been quite pious, it later evolved into a political tool to lure the voters. Not just reservations, a lot of political parties later were founded solely on the grounds of caste and for the appeasement of some castes.

Paper v/s Proper – Freedom of Expression(Fundamental Rights Part 2)

freedom of expression

Freedom of expression or Article 19(1)(a) has always been a controversial topic in Indian politics. Every political party has its own definition of this fundamental right and it also changes with the fact if they are in opposition or in power. With the advent of reasonable restriction in the freedom of expression, the true sense of the freedom is already lost as the state has the power to censor some speeches that they consider inflammatory or can disturb the societal and communal harmony.