Covid-19 Diaries: A one-on-one experience of a journalist with the virus

Covid-19 Diaries: A one-on-one experience of a journalist with the virus

How would a journalist deal with news, when they become a part of it? What happens when on one day, you become a part of the daily tally of Covid-19 patients, of the many ‘cases’ that you have been keeping track of incessantly? On the ‘stubborn’ virus, that refuses to leave the room, Revathi Hariharan, a Delhi-based journalist shares her recent ‘in an out’ experience of Covid-19, with Uncommon Talks. 

A protest where no one protested – the USA riots 2020

A protest where no one protested - the USA riots 2020

Opinion A protest where no one protested – the USA riots 2020 After the death of George Floyd, a protest broke out in the United States of America demanding the arrest of police personnel, who as per the protestors was responsible for this mishap. In no time this protest was hijacked by some politically motivated […]

Recruitment Examinations in India – Fate of Children

recuitment examinations in india

With the advent of coronavirus, everything in India has changed and people are moving towards new normal, this new normal looks very scary to some while others are relieved for the fact that they will be allowed to go out. Social distancing has taken a toll on the psychology of people stranded in far away places from their loved ones.

How much does the ‘PM CARE(s)?’


The controversy over the transparency of PM CARES Fund has attached itself to a fresh round of accusations. BJP’s Sambit Patra’s post on Twitter saying #PMCARES, which includes a viral picture of a ventilator with a ‘PM Cares’ sticker, is being questioned by the opposition, whether a single picture can justify the lack of transparency of the funds? Since the time of its announcement, several reports of unforeseen controversy has surrounded the fund that “cares” but does not “show” or prove its transparency in complete sense.

Nepal claims new map with Indian territories, India terms it ‘untenable’

nepal claims indian territory

Nepal claims Indian territory as their own which are namely Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura as their own which caused a massive outrage from the pro-Indian groups in Nepal and the Indian government. The Indian government clarified its position on the matter by saying that this is ‘untenable.’ Earlier too, India had taken a huge objection to it when Nepali government first released this map.

Revenge Porn – The Evil Facet of Love Stories

revenge porn in india

Revenge porn as it is defined as a sexually explicit photo, vector or video, real or morphed, uploaded by former or current love interest/s of a person with an intent to malign the image of the person for taking revenge of some dispute among them or after their breakup. This trend of ‘revenge porn’ has increased exponentially in India in the recent past with the porn websites being flooded with porn content, although shooting of porn movies is banned in India.

Amit Shah’s virtual rally and real political goals

Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday kicked off BJP’s campaign for West Bengal ahead of 2021 assembly elections. Addressing a virtual rally, —mind you, “virtual rally”—from New Delhi meant for Bengal, Amit Shah was seen lambasting West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The base of Shah’s speech was CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). He was taking swipe at Mamata for her staunch opposition to CAA.

Judicial Economy – When injustice prevailed

Judicial Economy - When injustice prevailed

Judicial economy, defined as the efficiency of the courts to deliver justice, even when the resources are scarce. The very term has redefined itself multiple times in the history of independent India, where judges have often sold their soul to the system and sometimes for economic gain. The judiciary which has been freed from any executive and parliament to deliver justice to people and protect the constitution, has at multiple occasions misused the powers and surpassed their ambit to do injustice to the nation and its citizens.

Made in PRC – Indians boycotting Chinese products

Indians boycotting Chinese products

Indians boycotting Chinese products is nothing unusual or to be precise Indians calling out for a boycott of Chinese made products is nothing new. This time around, it has been called out by the 3 Idiots fame Sonam Wangchuk