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indian fashion mask

Indian fashion mask(uerades) into new Coronavirus trend

What started off as a necessity during a pandemic outbreak, masks or face covers, have now become the latest muse for Indian fashion. With masks becoming a tool for survival now, Indian brands and fashionistas have officially pinned it as the latest addition to their ‘haute couture’ lists and how. From simple cotton masks to outfit coordinated customised ones, masks are fast becoming the new ‘talk of the town’ fashion statement. Uncommon Talks finds out more about the latest Indian fashion masks obsession.

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Bayern Munich grab 8th Bundesliga title as Lewandowski wreaks blitzkrieg

Bayern Munich grab 8th Bundesliga title as Lewandowski wreaks blitzkrieg

In the Champions League Bayern has won every single game under Flick. The head coach, originally signed as an interim, underlined his value when Chelsea was brushed aside in an easy 3-0 victory in London. The Champions League will now be Bayern’s next task, presumably, the tournament will resume in August and the German Rekordmeister will be among the favorites to win the title.

“We took the first step, we achieved our first big goal by winning the Bundesliga title,” Flick said. “Our next big goal is the DFB Pokal. And of course, there’s the Champions League too. It will be difficult, and we have to be fit when the time comes.”

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How did Bollywood culture kill Sushant Singh Rajput? Is it about time that we start supporting real talents?

How did Bollywood culture kill Sushant Singh Rajput? Is it about time that we start supporting real talents?

The late superstar can be found asking people to watch his films otherwise he will be thrown out of the bollywood because he does not have any godfather and he has made public his godfather. Reading all these things, the general public now realise what a gem they have lost by supporting the established nexus and by ignoring the real actors.

This is not the first instance when Bollywood is being accused of Nepotism. On the contrary, Bollywood is nepotism. Only actors and actresses that are given big assignments and promoted these days are mostly offsprings of some of the big names of the industry.

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sports stars who have suffered depression

Mental health – Even the tenacious sports stars fail to keep up

We never get tired of chanting our favorite sports stars who we adore, love, follow and epitomize as our role model to draw inspiration from. But little do we know what mental drill they go through. We remain so fantasized about their lavish lifestyle and the glamour that we almost become oblivious of the fact that our sports idols also deal with the same mental turbulence that we all go through. Be it, depression, stress, anxiety, or mental illness of any sort.

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coronavirus in india

Coronavirus in India – Will a vaccine ever come?

At the time of writing, almost 340,000 were infected and more than 180,000 were cured while around 9900 were dead out of which around 70% were comorbid. With cases rising every day, people are scared and with bated breath looking for a vaccine.

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mental health

Mental health – A reality we all miserably fail to address

Mental health in India has always been one of the most ignored illnesses and the taboo around it is also quite horrifying. Labelling people suffering from mental illness and judgements over psychiatrists have long been associated as a ‘mad man’s way of living.’ From a cultural perspective, mental disorders are associated with a considerable amount of stigma in Indian society, leading to neglect and marginalisation.

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Che Guevara – The Executioner in Chief of Fidel Castro

A man born on 14th June 1928, whose existence and deeds will be felt for the centuries, Che Guevara, in the world of humanity, a beast with the lust for human blood and a demon in the body of a man. When today humanity remembers him, let’s remember what he did, what was the revolution he brought about and what the people of Cuba went through because of a ‘mad mass murderer.’

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Small town heartthrob, Sushant Singh Rajput no more

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput has reportedly reportedly died by suicide at his Bandra residence. Mumbai Police have confirmed the news of the MS Dhoni fame actor, found hanging in his Bandra apartment. A team has reached his house at Carter Road, for further investigation.

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nepal claims indian territory

Nepal claims new map with Indian territories, India terms it ‘untenable’

Nepal claims Indian territory as their own which are namely Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura as their own which caused a massive outrage from the pro-Indian groups in Nepal and the Indian government. The Indian government clarified its position on the matter by saying that this is ‘untenable.’ Earlier too, India had taken a huge objection to it when Nepali government first released this map.

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Emergency, asymptomatic mortality on a high: Hospitals continue shunning admissions

Multiple reports of deaths on a rise, due to hospitals— be it private or public, denying admissions, across India have surfaced recently. With India standing at number 4 on the global Corona meter, the country’s key challenge is to control its mortality rate, at the same time keep an eye on the incoming battles of asymptomatic transmission of Coronavirus, which appears to be worse than the SARS or influenza spread.

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child labour

Increasing Child Labour in 2020 – An after effect of Lockdown

Child labour has been one of the basic concern of Indian lawmakers since the independence of India and they have added various provisions in the constitution to stop child labour. But with the advent of Coronavirus, experts are expecting an increase in child labour to support their family. The daily wage earners have also been affected very negatively in this lockdown.

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coronavirus in maharashtra

Virus wreaks havoc in Maharashtra : COVID-19 cases plunge to 100000 mark, surpassing China

The virus occupied Maharashtra crosses 1 lakh mark of Covid-19 cases which is highest in the country.

The financial capital that has become a virus capital of the country now has a tally of 1,01,141 Coronavirus cases, of which 3,493 new cases were reported on Friday. This includes 47, 796 recoveries and 3,717 fatalities.

Over the past 24hrs, 1,718 patients have recovered, while 127 have succumbed to the virus.

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Daily News Analysis

daily news analysis june 16

Daily News Analysis June 16

PM holds interaction with CMs to discuss the situation emerging post Unlock 1.0.

AYUSH Ministry gears up for International Day of Yoga 2020 with the “Yoga at Home, Yoga with Family” campaign

Govt to help fertilizer industry to overcome the challenges of shortage of laborers, restriction on import of skilled manpower and restriction on import of machinery/ equipment for execution of revival & ESS projects

Southwest Monsoon has further advanced into some more parts of West Madhya Pradesh, most parts of East Madhya Pradesh

An annular solar eclipse will occur on 21 June, 2020 (31 Jyaistha, 1942 Saka Era).Considering the Earth as a whole the partial phase of the eclipse will begin at 9 h 16 m IST. The annular phase will begin at 10 h 19 m IST. The annular phase will end at 14 h 02 m IST. The partial phase will end at 15h 04 m IST.

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daily news analysis

Daily News Analysis (May 15, 2020)

Delhi High Court dismissed a petition seeking to ban the eviction of the tenants on grounds of non-payment of rents as the tenants are unemployed due to COVID-19.

Home Minister Amit Shah held meeting with Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and various other state and municipal corporation officials over the surge of coronavirus disease in Delhi. Key Decisions like using Anand Vihar Railway Station only for Covid-19 isolation on trains, tripling the test rates and extensive contact tracing through the door to door survey.

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