Amit Shah

Amit Shah’s virtual rally and real political goals

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday kicked off BJP’s campaign for West Bengal ahead of 2021 assembly elections. Addressing a virtual rally, —mind you, “virtual rally”—from New Delhi meant for Bengal, Amit Shah was seen lambasting West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The base of Shah’s speech was CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). He was taking swipe at Mamata for her staunch opposition to CAA.

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China India War 1962

RSS, Congress and Communist – The Tale of Three Ideologies and China India War 1962

In 1962, when China attacked India, for which Chinese side blamed Indian Prime Minister, Nehru and his policies which in Chinese terms were against the Chinese interests. India then was trying to corner China with the help of Soviet Union and the USA, whereas the communist ideologues in India were in dilemma about whom to support in the China India War. While most finally ended up supporting the Chinese side, with the most prominent faces being EMS Naamordripad, former Chief Minister of Kerala, who never recognised China as the aggressor. This was followed by the red split due to differences in the party.

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